Garda Domus Mea is born from the territory for the territory:

To preserve, value, and guarantee your property investment at its best. 

To offer the best solutions for your real estate requirements or house holiday  rent  management.  


To help you handle all purchase/sale real estate procedure, and tax compliance.

To assist you with  energy certificates,  estimates and assessments for residential  and commercial properties.  

To free you from bureaucracy and worries.       

                                                                                        To  e a r n  y o u r  T R U S T !


Hanging  between the lake and the sky ,   like awe between dreams and reality , like an emotion between skin and soul.

Tremosine territory, 18 tiny hamlets nesteld on the vast plateau within the Alto Garda natural reserve park, like jewels on a crown of mountains that dive straight into the lake.

Live once again  a time that lingers to the spirit, inside an environment that let your dreams free to fly, and your soul free  to breathe...


 The Habitat...

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